Rustic Cabin Decor for All Four Seasons

For many, their dream is to own a cabin down by the lake or high in the mountains. You can decorate your little piece of heaven in a number of different ways that will give it that beautiful rustic look all year long. At Cabin Place, you will find rustic decor to give your cabin the warmth and feel of a cozy country home, from rustic wall hangings and custom furniture to rustic lighting and cabin rugs.

Bring In the Outdoors

Early settlers took advantage of nature to furnish their cabins. Follow their lead with rustic cabin decor, such as log furniture. Use rustic bedding made from the highest quality fabrics in a variety of patterns to enhance the rustic theme throughout you home.

Define Your Space

Use colors and patterns to define your space. Most cabins have an open floor plan, which can make it difficult to separate living spaces while keeping that open feeling. Use a large area rug in the living room and use accent or throw rugs in the kitchen area with a different theme to differentiate the two spaces, while tying the rooms together with the same pinecones or wildlife theme.

Make sure the rugs that you choose match the furniture and curtains that you choose for these rooms. You can use a number of other rustic decor items to add character to your cabin such as rustic vases, cabin pillows, shelf brackets, fan pulls and night-lights.

Brighten the Interior

One of the greatest attractions to a cabin is the natural coziness of the wood interior. However, the dark tones that give your home its warmth do not reflect much light. Create balance by hanging vibrantly colored quilts from Donna Sharp and including handcrafted rustic lighting and lamps throughout your cabin.

The styles of rustic cabin decor are as diverse as the people that live in them. At Cabin Place, you will find everything from rustic dinnerware to rustic toilet seats to ensure you get that down home feeling every day of the year.