Rustic Guest Rooms Done Right

Do you want to decorate your guest room in the rustic style but aren't sure how to go about it? There are many different elements to decorating a room in the lodge decor style, and you want to make sure that every piece is just right to give that cozy cabin feeling to your guest room.

  • Bedding ‚Äì This is the centerpiece of your rustic decor and should feature either elements from your main theme, like bears, moose, or nature scenes, or consist of complimentary colors, particularly earth tones to match the theme of the room.
  • Bed frame ‚Äì Roughhewn log frames or stick frames make a great bed for a guest room decorated with cabin decor items. Make your bed fit right in by getting the frame to match the other elements of the room.
  • Window Treatments ‚Äì Curtains, valences, or shades should feature elements of your overall theme. Pine cones could match a nature theme, or bears may be prefect for a wildlife or woodland theme.
  • Lighting ‚Äì A wooden chandelier made from either sticks or an old wagon wheel makes a great addition to rustic themed guest room. Table lamps as well could be hand carved with elements of the overall theme of the room.
  • Switch plates ‚Äì Many of us never think of the switch plates, but this tiny little detail can really pull the look of the room together. You can get them with nature themes, wildlife themes, or even made to look like tree bark.
  • Rugs ‚Äì A great area rug featuring either elements from your theme or consisting of complimentary earth tones is a big part of your rustic themed guest room.

Cabin Place has everything you need to make a really great rustic guest room. The guest room is often the one room of the house where you can get truly whimsical, and giving it a homey cabin feel is a great way to welcome guests into your home. Check out all of our bedroom items here or give us a call at 1-877-884-0248 to learn more!