Oh the Choices in Rustic Lighting

If you really want to make your home or cabin feel authentically cabin-y, you need to think about how your lighting fixtures contribute or detract from the overall theme and feel of a room. Basic lighting fixtures are just not good enough, especially when you have a trusted resource such as www.cabinplace.com that can provide you with rustic lighting options that will really make your home or cabin feel authentic and natural. Overhead lights or ceiling fans are common in most rooms but your fixtures don't have to be. Rustic lighting options for overhead lights include chandeliers with antler, pine cone, or animal embellishments or fixtures. Ceiling fans can also contribute to an overall cabin theme with scrolling pine cone metal work or artwork on the fan blades themselves. 

 For more intimate lighting options, as cabin lighting really ought to be, stick with wall sconces or lamps for most of your light. Metal wall sconces in the shape of antlers, animals, or with wildlife scenes scrolled onto the sconce itself make a real statement without being gaudy. Natural wood wall sconces can also contribute to a cabin theme, with or without additional embellishment. Lamps are probably the most versatile cabin lighting option and also the most whimsical. You can find rustic, outdoor, or wildlife lamps is almost any conceivable design, animal, shape and size. 

Trust Cabinplace.com to showcase the best of the best in both quality and style. Don't limit your rustic lighting theme work to the main rooms of the home, a truly authentic cabin or outdoorsy home should continue the theme into the bathrooms as well. Cabin lighting can be found in the form of vanity lights that can be used above mirrors in bathrooms or bedrooms. In conjunction with shower curtains, rugs, and other bathroom accessories, you can feel like you are outdoors while enjoying the comforts of home.