How To Care For Rustic Quilts

Rustic quilts make such great cabin decor whether you're laying it over a bed in a bedroom, or hanging it up on a wall in the living area. But, these quilts need a little bit of extra care as they are often made of delicate fabrics, and are often very well-used, especially if you spend a lot of time up at the cabin. Many people don't realize that quilts need special care, and mistakenly throw them in the washing machine only to take them out and realize that they've ruined their quilts. This doesn't mean that you can never throw your quilt in the washer, but it does mean that you need to know a few things about your lodge bedding before you start taking care of it. 

 The most common question asked about how to take care of quilts is in fact whether or not you can throw them in the washing machine. If you use your quilts often, the chances are good that they will become dirty at some point and will need to be laundered. However, whether you can put them in the washing machine or not will depend on the type of quilt it is. If it is an heirloom quilt, never put it in the washing machine. These quilts can be incredibly delicate and fragile, and will quickly fall apart in the vigorous wash cycle. Instead, simply spot wash it and hang it up to dry. If the quilt is newer, and is made from polyester with polyester batting, it can most likely be placed into the washing machine. Check the label but usually, running them through the delicate cycle will safely wash your rustic quilts. Just make sure you don't spin the agitator, or this too can hurt your quilt. 

 Once you've washed your quilt, you're probably going to want to lay it out on a bed, hang it on a wall, or put it in storage, especially if you won't be back to the cabin for some time. The best place to put a quilt is laid out on a bed, and preferably with minimal light in the room. Many rustic quilts however, make some of the best wall hangings and so, that may be where yours is heading. Using rustic quilts as wall hangings is not only okay, it's encouraged, and a beautiful way to decorate your cabin! Just make sure you don't hang them in direct sunlight, as this will greatly fade and wear your quilt. 

 When it comes time to store your quilts for any reason, make sure to fold them in thirds and to lay a sheet out along the quilt before you start folding. This will make sure that your lodge bedding doesn't crease or become badly wrinkled while it's in storage. Then, if you really want to make sure that your quilt isn't becoming damaged in storage, take it out and refold it in another direction every few months. This will make sure that the fabric isn't always in the same position and that no moths or animals are getting into your lodge bedding. Don't have a quilt yet, but just got all kinds of great ideas for what you could do with one? Make sure that you check out all of our lodge bedding. Not only is every one a beautiful option for your cabin, but they're all also very easy to take care of!