Rustic Themes for Your Bedding

Today, rustic decorating has become so popular that it is used in all styles of homes. A rustic bedroom makes a comfortable, relaxing retreat that will make you feel like you are getting back to nature every day. To get a realistic final result, it is essential to pay attention to all of the details to add consistency throughout the room. Start your rustic theme with the rustic bedding in your patterns and colors of choice. Use rustic window treatments that complement the bedding, and then look for the rustic decorative items that will carry your theme over to the rest of the room. 

Moose Print Nothing symbolizes the rustic decor that has been used in cabins across the nation for years like the moose. With the luxury moose bedding and great moose lodge bedding collections and sets, you don't have to sacrifice luxury for a truly authentic rustic theme. There are many patterns to choose from, each with attention-getting designs featuring the colors of nature. Deep reds, forest greens, and neutral browns combine to provide the ideal framework for the animal which symbolizes cabin life. 

Bear Print To many people, the power of the bear is the perfect symbol for rustic living. When you make the bear the theme of your rustic bedroom, you will find everything you need to make your animal of choice the focus of your rustic decorating scheme. Also a favorite for kids, the kids' lodge bedding sets are available in a kid-friendly version of the mighty beast. Select the rustic window treatments that are made to coordinate with any bedding set to carry over your theme and create a realistic cabin-style bedroom. 

Wildlife This theme can include one type of wild animal that you are especially fond of, or prints that represent bears, wolves, porcupines, moose, and fish in one rustic pattern. Choose from bedding collections that allow you to mix and match patterns with the animal-themed products that you want at the heart of your rustic decorating. There are also bedding and comforter sets that already have the pieces coordinated for you. 

Pinecone Pinecones make one of the most elegant rustic designs that you can use for your bedroom decor. The blend of pine cones and needles on luxurious fabrics and accented with solid and patterned throw pillows will turn any bedroom into a tranquil and inviting place where you can get back to nature. The pinecone pattern also gives you more room to incorporate other features into your theme in any area where you would like to add a whimsical moose, or a chainsaw-carved bear. 

Fishing If your idea of enjoying the Great Outdoors is on the riverbank or on your fishing boat, a fishing theme is a good choice for creating a rustic bedroom that is a perfect match to your style. Nothing offers a better fit for your lakeshore cabin than luxurious bedding with a realistic fishing scene that makes you feel right at home. 

Nature Nature themed bedding is the ideal way to create a rustic bedroom with a professional touch. Duvet or comforter sets make the bedding appropriate for all areas and seasons. Coordinate with the matching rustic window treatments, to continue the theme, and add the perfect accents to create the ultimate natural setting indoors. The more features you add to your bedroom that reflect the rustic, natural style, the more authentic it will be. Furnish your bedroom with a rustic bed and matching furniture to complete your rustic style throughout the entire room. 

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