Rustic Comes Alive with Western Area Rugs

Creating a rustic look can be exciting. The intriguing colors of rust and forest green, outlined on a soft beige background, delivers inspiration that is only found in the world of nature. The selection of products today, is immense in turning your home into a forest of warmth and beauty. Regardless of the living space, western area rugs can help tie your new rustic decor into the perfect atmosphere. 

Darling Deer and Elk A family of deer or elk, stopping to drink from a nearby pond, can literally take your breath away. Catching one of these rare events can be even more rewarding, when caught on film. Blow up your photo and place in an oak frame. Hang in the entry way, along with mini-mirrors, to bring a smile to all that visit. Lay a long western area rug, dotted with pine cones and tall evergreens, on the floor for accent. 

Bathe in the Wilderness The bathroom is a place where quiet solitude is cherished. Rugs that display simple, western scenes, can relax the mind while soaking in a hot, sudsy tub. The element of nature is not hard to create when prompted by rugs of mosaic, or stamped with shadowed bears. Place candles, smelling of evergreen, in tin holders and place around the tub. Let the power of the wild take hold in wonderful bliss. 

Quaint, Happy Kitchens The kitchen should be a loving spot for family and friends to gather. Wood, antique paraphernalia, and cotton curtains, will set the pace for warm and remembered conversation. Western-styled throw rugs will protect your floors from crumbs and dirt, and make guests feel right at home. Pine cones, bear, trout, or a favorite Indian weave, on washable throw rugs, adds flavor and serves a purpose. 

Fireplace Magic Enjoying a crackling fire, brings a feeling that is not easily replaced. Having a fireproof rug, displaying adventurous shapes of the forest, just seems to fit it with the natural feel of burning wood. Choose western area rugs that have a bit of mystery in their message, like silhouettes of wild game, longhorns, or wagon wheels. The memory of this rug will be formed, right along with the good times. 

Comforting Slumber The bedroom is where the west can really take center stage. Wood floors, rustic bed frames, and plain cotton curtains, are not boring when decorated with Western-styled bedspreads and colorful throw rugs. Indian patterns of zig-zags or other symbols of the West can bring a natural atmosphere into the room. The warm presence of simplicity and forest colors, will bring a restful sleep and pleasant dreams. More Ideas Western area rugs are a perfect way to complement other areas, as well.
  • In front of a favorite chair
  • Outside the front door
  • Under a coffee table
Different materials and textures of Western area rugs, make it simple to stay worry-free over spills and tracked-in dirt. Select from stain-resistant olefin, nylon or jute for easy cleaning. For a more luxurious look, 100% wool can deliver toe-sinking pleasure. Rustic decor is a fine way to enjoy the pleasures of a home, and fun to decorate. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life by keeping nature close by with the selection of western-styled curtains, throws, and rugs.