Want A DIY Project For Your Cabin? How About A Rustic Window Box?

When you're looking for unique cabin decor, you can't get any better than making something yourself! There's nothing that's quite as truly authentic for cabin living as creating something with your own hands to put out on display, and that's functional to boot. And when it's something that's as simple as a rustic window box, it's truly a no-brainer. To start your rustic window box project, you'll need: an old wooden window planter; dark chocolate brown paint; barn red paint; 2"", 3"", and 4"" paint brushes; paint rollers; wood stain; glaze; and sandpaper. Start by lightly sanding all surface areas of the wooden window planter. Then, lightly sweep away the dust that is left behind with a soft cloth. The next step is to apply the primer. You'll probably just need one coat, but make sure that you apply it with a 4"" brush. This will give it a textured look, and really add to its rustic characteristics! Allow the primer to completely dry, usually about 12-24 hours, and then you can begin to paint. Start by painting the entire window box with the brown paint. Again, use a 4"" brush to keep adding to that rustic look and allow this base coat to dry completely before applying the second coat of paint. 

 One of the most popular choices for rustic window boxes is barnyard red, but a deep hunter green or mustard yellow would also work well. Keep in mind that this color will be the one that will show through the most when you're choosing it. Also choose a color that's very bright as it will look considerably muted when the window box is finished. After the second coat has been applied, allow it to dry completely. Then it's time to start really revving up the rustic charm! Once the paint has completely dried, use sandpaper again to rough up edges, corners, and any other areas that would eventually wear off over time. Once you're done sanding, you can wipe off the sanding dust again and stop there if you like the look of your window box as it is. If you want a darker and even more unpolished look, at this point you can make a mixture of equal parts glaze and stain. Thoroughly combine the two and apply the mixture to the entire window box. This will make it darker and make it look as though it's weathered the test of time. Then it's just a matter of waiting for the glaze and stain mixture to dry and hanging it up on your window sill. This project takes more time than it does work really, and once you're done, you'll have a conversation piece too!