How Adding some Simple Lodge Décor to your Home can Transform it from Regular to Charmingly Rustic

Here's a scene many of us have thought about and probably even wished for: Early morning light streaming in a window and illuminating the wooden floor of a bedroom made all of dark, beautiful wood. The room is filled with simple, charming lodge decor; from the bedding that you're wrapped in to the all-wood rocking chair that sits in the corner of the room. Birds chirp as the sun rises and you wake up in a log cabin somewhere in the woods, peaceful and filled with a charming simplicity. Many of us have wished for a scene like this, some of us have even taken vacations to woodsy locations to stay in cabins and sleep in rooms like the one I've just described. Even to those of us who enjoy city life, country simplicity is often an appealing idea; an escape from the normal and hectic lives we all live. What if you could bring some of that relaxing, rustic charm into your home?

No matter where you live, the truth is that small changes to your decor could transform the feeling of your home into a peaceful, country setting. Anyone who knows anything about interior design can attest to the power of things like decor and furniture in relation to the feel of our homes and even our mood. So, how do you bring some of that country charm into your home and the hustle and bustle of your life? Here are a few tips for making your home log cabin charming with a few changes and additions of some traditional lodge decor. While this list is going to cover various rooms in the home, you can choose just one or a few rooms to make these changes to if you feel redecorating your entire home would be too much.

1. Bedroom: The first thing to look at is furniture. A great first step towards transforming your space is to pick out some wooden furniture that you find appealing. Nightstands, armoires, and dressers are all good places to start. Remember, you don't want just any wooden furniture that can be found in your neighborhood furniture store, but something with a distinct rustic charm. Furniture made of wood like hickory or barnwood are great for creating a log cabin feel. In addition to changing the furniture in your bedroom you may want to consider changing your bed frame, bedding, and wall decor. A bed with a wooden bed frame and traditional country-like bedspread can help tie the room's look together. Finally, adding a few pieces of rustic wall decor can keep the look and feel of the room concise. Again, wood is a main theme with this kind of look, and carved wooden wall hangings can be found in many different stores and online. Also, like in the scene you read at the beginning of this post, a wooden rocking chair is something that absolutely gives off a log cabin vibe wherever it's placed, so you may want to consider adding one to your list of bedroom furniture.

2. Bathroom: The bathroom is usually a smaller and less customizable area when it comes to decoration, but you can still easily add a splash of the country charm you're hoping to achieve. Finding a shower curtain, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, and trashcan with a country or log cabin theme can give your bathroom just enough rustic charm.

3. Living Room: Many interior decorators say that the living room is one of the most customizable spaces in the home; it's also the one that many people spend most of their time in. There are endless paths that you could take with the living room, but we'll just touch on a few ideas. Leather couches and chairs or ones with a country pattern are a great focus piece in a room that's centered on lodge decor. Remember that wooden rocking chair we talked about? Well, if you're not for putting it in the bedroom, the living room is a perfect place; somewhere it will be seen and enjoyed most often. Choosing great wooden end tables or a coffee table will seamlessly fit into the look you're going for. Having these wood pieces of furniture throughout the space you're decorating is important to the look and feel of the space; think of this as a way to bring the woods to your non-forest locale. Like in the bedroom, rustic wall decor will help keep your decoration concise, extending the theme beyond just the furniture. 4. Dining Room and Kitchen: Since in some homes these are one in the same, we've decided to tie the two together in one description. A large dining room table made of a sturdier wood is a great idea if you have room. Because of the kind of use the dining room table gets, treated wood might be better than the more natural hickory and barnwood you might look at for your other furniture.

Again, adding some charming and rustic wall decor to these spaces is a great idea if you really want to bring a genuine log cabin feel to your space. The kitchen, like the bathroom, is less customizable when it comes to decorating. Adding a few simple things to this room will keep it in theme with the rest of the home without any major changes taking place. You may want to fill your counters with country themed jars and mixing bowls, paint your walls a deeper color, or add towels and dishcloths that keep with the theme and feel of your decoration. It might seem like a lot, but the changes mentioned here are fairly small and can even be fairly inexpensive. You don't have to renovate or paint every room in your home in order to achieve a new look and feel throughout, nor do you have to move to a log cabin in the woods to get the rustic, charming space you want. Swapping out a few items of furniture and adding some traditional lodge decor can make all the difference in the world. Need some ideas? Click here to take a look at some pieces to start you out on your path to transforming your home from regular to calming and country.

Once your re-decorating is complete, all that's left for you to do is take a seat in your rocking chair with a glass of lemonade and a good book. Relaxing, isn't it?