What's The Origin Of South-western Bedding?

You may not have given much thought to the history of your cabin bedding before. But some of those comfy blankets and throws that you've been snuggling up with actually have a pretty interesting story behind them. And that's exactly the case with south-western bedding. When many people think of western comforter sets and south-western bedding, they think of the deep oranges and reds, and sometimes even blue, that not only blends in well with south-western decor, but also has a very Native American feel to it. It's not surprising; before the cowboys started incorporating stars, horses, and all of the warm colors that can be found in south-western decor, the Native Americans did it first. But even those who are aware that it was the Native Americans who first brought this decor that's now known as "south-western,' they still get the origin of this type of bedding wrong, thinking that Native Americans stayed up day and night weaving these elaborate fabrics. 

They did this in later years but the style first came from the trading posts that the Native Americans used to buy and sell their goods. The people needed garments that would keep them warm on colder mountain nights, but that would also be roomy enough to allow for air flow during the days, which could become very hot. The garments that came in those designs were ideal for what they needed and so, they began using them often. Of course, along with garments also came blankets in these same designs. Of course the Native Americans lived off the land and the few resources that they had, so it wasn't long before they were making this type of south-western bedding and other garments themselves. The blankets and throws were especially popular, especially as the settlers began to move in, because they were especially handy for having in the back of wagons. The passengers inside could place these over their legs and keep warm on their journey. 

As the Native Americans began to create these blankets and weaves themselves, they also started to incorporate some symbols and images from their own culture. Many of these designs are still very prominent in south-western bedding today, and are a distinct reminder of the origin of these beautiful pieces. South-western bedding is hard not to fall in love with, especially after you know a little bit about where it came from. Our south-western bedding can be found with many different designs and patterns, and many of them depicting many of the styles and color schemes that helped make these bedding option one of the most popular choices to be found in cabins today!