Changing the Bedding for the Summer

With the change in seasons comes the need for changes in bedding as well. Summer bedding for your cabin or lake retreat should match your surroundings as well as be made from lighter weight materials than your winter bedding. If your overall cabin decor has a wilderness or rustic theme to it, then you have several bedding options to choose from depending on the look of the bedroom. You can have multiple blankets and a thin coverlet, a quilt, or a lightweight duvet in patterns that range from animal prints to wilderness designs and camouflage. Whatever designs you choose, make sure that your summer bedding is made of lighter, cooler materials than your winter bedding.

Match Your Surroundings

Finding summer bedding to match your lodge decor doesn't have to be difficult. If you already have a decor theme you can find appropriately weighted bedding to match your current style. If you are looking to create a more rustic or cabin-like decor style for your summer home, you should look to the outdoor environment for color and design cues. For instance, if you are decorating a lake house, then colors and themes in blues or greens would work well, as would decor featuring fishing or fish. Even a bear theme might be appropriate if you are in an area with many wild bears.

For a wooded or mountain retreat, you might consider earth tones and woodland or wildlife themes that match your local fauna. If you want to create one all-season theme for your bedroom, you can get a duvet cover that goes with your current decor and purchase multiple duvets to match the needs of the season. In this way you keep your bedding fresh and temperature appropriate throughout the year.

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