Preparing Your Cabin Furniture For Summer

If you've just arrived at the cabin for the first time since you left it last winter, or soon will be, you know that there will be a few things to do. Dusting away cobwebs and checking things like the plumbing system will undoubtedly be first on your list. But don’t forget about your cabin furnishings. These too, need to be prepared for the season ahead and, it will give you a good excuse to get to some of that yearly cleaning that needs to be done at some point anyway.

Start by removing protective covers from cabin furniture that may have been placed over them in the fall. Make sure that wooden cabin furniture is thoroughly polished to restore its luster and gleam. If you have wooden floors, which are very common in cabins, make sure that you sweep and polish those as well.

Any cabin furnishings that are made from fabric, such as cushiony sofas or throw pillows, should be thoroughly vacuumed. You might be able to throw some of these items into the washing machine at your cabin, especially things such as rugs, but always make sure you read the label for care instructions. Regardless, make sure that they are free of dust and ready for a lot of cabin lounging!

Leather cabin furnishings also need attention when you’re preparing the cabin for the summer. All leather furniture will also need to be wiped free of any soiled areas and then have a treatment of polish applied to them. This will make leather furniture last much longer and will bring some of the bounce back to its look!

If you find when you come back from a long winter away that your cabin furniture is just too far gone and you don’t think it will last another year, it may be time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. We have lots of log and cabin furniture that is easy to care for, will look terrific in any cabin, and will last for many years to come!