Taking Care of Your Quilts

Rustic quilts and applique quilts have long been a part of our culture. Many have treasured memories of applique quilts that lay across grandmother's bed or rustic quilts that hung on mother's wall. Some are lucky enough to still have those rustic quilts and applique quilts in their possession due to the good quilt care taken by ancestors. Some of the most beautiful applique quilts available today can be found at cabinplace.com. The patterns and colors are designed to perfectly compliment rustic cabin decor and these rustic quilts and applique quilts are made with extra durable fabric with a high stitch count to aid in durability. If cared for properly, rustic quilts can last generations. The first thing to remember about quilt care is quilts must not be treated like any other blanket or throw.

They're just as much a work of art as anything you'd hang on your wall. To extend the life of your rustic quilts and applique quilts, don't over-wash them. Cleaning once a year is sufficient quilt care for most quilts. When it's time to wash your rustic quilt you'll first want to check for colorfastness of material. To check for colorfastness, wet a white cotton cloth with hot water and rub it over the quilt. If color comes off, your rustic quilt needs to be dry-cleaned. If you are able, hand-washing your rustic quilt is best, although washers without an agitator can be used for quilt care. If your rustic quilt has rips or places where the fabric has separated, repair these areas before you wash. If you have an applique quilt, have them repaired before washing. Use cold water with a liquid detergent and add 1/2 c. vinegar to keep colors bright.

After your rustic quilt has been washed, take care when transferring the wet quilt. A sheet used as a sling is helpful to prevent the seams from pulling. It is best to lay quilts flat to dry. If you want to take your rustic quilt outside to dry, cover it top and bottom with a sheet to prevent sun damage. Using good quilt care techniques for your rustic quilt or applique quilt from cabinplace.com will help preserve it for generations and give your children something to treasure.