The 5 Best Decorating Ideas for Your Western Themed Home

Going with western decor for your home? Have a look at these 5 ideas to ensure you get the right cabin decor for look you want: 

1. Think rich earth tones overall, splashed with occasion bursts of bright color. When you think of the vibrant, rich blues, reds and yellows of the west it's tempting to buy cabin decor to fill your room with the vivid array, but too much in a western theme can overwhelm a room. Remember, rich browns and tans are also colors of the west and western decor that provides a neutral backdrop for that punch of color still makes a visual impact, without overwhelming the eye.

2. Keep your theme subtle to prevent your home from looking like a retail outlet. Don't fill a space with the same repeating western theme. Instead, chose a few pieces of western decor you love and work around them. For example, instead of filling a room with horses, use them once or twice, and then pull out the different aspects of horses and riding with cabin decor throughout the room. Use the Wagon Wheel and Saddle Metal Wall Art above the bed covered in the Wrangler Bedding Collection, and the Horseshoe Nightlight to pull your western theme together, all available at

3. Think texture! One of the most wonderful things about western decor is the wonderful textures available. Think soft plush suede's and smooth shiny leathers. Think fringes and tassels mixed with hard, rust-colored Texas stars. Layer these wonderful textures in your cabin decor and you're sure to be happy with the result.

4. Use items that appear re-purposed in your western decor. A fundamental rule in the old west was to never let anything go to waste. If something could no longer be used for what it was originally intended you'd simply find another way to use it. Some great examples of using this in cabin decor are the Wagon Wheel Chandelier and the Cowboy Boots Canoe Paddle Coat Rack.

5. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when shopping for cabin decor is to shop for comfort. Remember this is the place where you live and while barbed wire is certainly western, even the most hardened cowboy wouldn't cover his living space in it. Plush rugs and warm throws add that cozy feel to your western themed room. 

Everything you need in western decor and other cabin decor can be found at!