The Perfect Lodge Décor

Creating the perfect lodge experience is a task requiring attention to detail. It needs passion, decent aesthetic sense and yes, cash comes in handy! However for those on a budget, there are many ways to attain the warm cozy lodge decor without emptying your pockets. Lodge decor revolves around a series of decisions about flooring, lighting, walls, and accessories and of course the exterior. Interior decor decisions require more thought, due to so many various designs, making the appropriate choice is tricky. Furniture is all together another topic. 

First of all deciding upon the theme of the lodge is pertinent to continuation of the remaining lodge decor. Colors Colors play a vital role in complimenting the theme. Warm tones of brown, gold, green and deep red will make a cozy rustic theme. To create openness, some lighter tones of beige may be used to blend in the warm tones. At the end of the day, whatever pleases the eye should matter. Some people might want lighter tones for an airy effect. Since lodge decor is correlated with the outdoors, off-white and blues may be added to give openness. Green adds an essence of natural and freshness, blending with any theme. Flooring Stones, marble, and wooden floors are some of the many options to choose from. Depending again on the theme, however wooden floors are the safest choice without doubt. For decades, wooden flooring has been a unique aspect of lodge decor and has gained affiliation with it. Imagining flooring with any other medium is difficult. 

To soften the hard and rough look of wooden flooring, nice soft rugs and throws can be used. Accessories Furniture is the main item in interior lodge decor. The style and design of the furniture will dictate the theme of the lodge. Furniture tends to overshadow everything else; other things portray a supporting role. Therefore furniture should be chosen with time and care. Rustic furniture best suits lodge decor. Lodge decor is not at all about wildlife. Many people like indulging in animals plastered on the walls. 

However for the soft hearted, lodge decor with rustic setting is possible without the presence of wildlife stuffing on the wall. Rugs also add to the personality of the room, giving a touch of softness. Lighting The tone of the room is accentuated with the appropriate light settings. Day light can also be controlled, if more is needed adding sun beams, and light curtain/shades are preferably. 

For a darker den look, thick curtains, blinds etc may be installed to give a dark richer look. Warm lighting creates better ambience in lodge decor than white light. Fireplace A lodge is incomplete and lacks soul without the romantic fireplace lit, crackling fire within wooden logs. A stone encased fireplace is necessary to add personality to the lodge decor. Various companies have introduced fireplaces with electric setting to avoid smoke and exhaust issues. So now, having the perfect fireplace in your lodge will not only look beautiful, but will also be practical.