Warm Up Your Home With Rustic Décor

If you love the cozy look of log cabins, but don't actually have a cabin to call your own, there are plenty of ways to bring rustic decor right into your home. Decorating with a rustic theme is easy. Just think "natural' and the first images that come to mind will probably work. With rustic decor, it's all about bringing the outdoors in, whether you prefer that to be trees, logs, wildlife, or plant life! Rustic rugs are a great way to bring rustic decor into your home and they can decorate any space. A large rustic area rug will cover almost an entire room, while a smaller rustic rug can sit at your front door as a welcome mat. These rugs are also a great way to divide up your space, something people are always looking to do when it comes to their overall design scheme. 

 When thinking rustic decor, think wood! Place wood wherever you can and this will go a long way to adding to your decor. Log cabins are made of wood, and incorporate that look throughout the entire cabin with wood floors, wood walls, and wooden ceilings. If you have high or angled ceilings, consider installing some real or wood faux beams. Panelling entire walls in log cabins is also quite common; but do this in your home and it's most likely going to feel confined and outdated. Instead, cover the lower third of the wall only with wood panelling. You'll still get that warm rustic feel, and the look will be very stylish. 

Carry the wooden look through to the furniture of your home when decorating with rustic decor, and never look for modern pieces that tend to be slim and narrow. Instead, choose chunky pieces of wooden furniture. Large arm chairs with rustic decorative throw pillows placed on them are wonderful, as are large coffee tables made out of a tree trunk that's been cut so its rings are showing. Don't think that you have to use the same color of wood throughout though. Use darker wood for the large pieces and lighter wood for the smaller pieces, or vice versa. This is a great way to add further detail to the room. Once you have these main pieces of rustic decor, it's easy to fill in the rest with all kinds of accent pieces and rustic accessories. One of the fun things about decorating with rustic decor is that you can always collect different pieces and add to your existing decor. To start turning your home into a cabin getaway, make sure you check out all the rustic rugs and other rustic decor we offer that will look great in your home!