Western Bathroom Decor: Decorating Ideas for the Bathroom

Western bathroom decor like vanity sets, bath accessories, waste baskets, toilet brushes and tissue holders can be easily used to reflect a Wild West theme. Choosing from a huge collection of styles can be daunting to achieve a certain kind of look. Etsy style that gives a vintage look is a consistent favorite for all who favors this type of design theme.

1. Vanity Mirror Circular mirrors with wooden frames have to be placed in the bathroom to add a rustic and western appeal. Some can be customized to fit the width of the wall and match the design of the bathroom. Salon wooden stools will complete the look and should not be forgotten.

2. Bath Accessories A lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap dish, tissue box holder and tumbler comprise bath accessories. Decorative patterns of stars, boots and horses usually work well for the design of the set. Look for sturdy materials of porcelain to ensure many years of usage. Earthy tones with minimum accents of stars and small prints are available in the market.

3. Wastebaskets Sturdy brown mesh wastebaskets measuring 14" diameter x 12" height are great for bathrooms. Conchos, studs and stars are wonderful designs as well as artworks of boots and horseshoes. This is one western bathroom decor that works well as accent to theme-inspired rooms.

4. Toilet Paper Holders Holders made from 100% Barnwood are great western bathroom decor. Usually, rustic studs to give that Wild Western feel are available. Specially made designs using real cast iron are used which features a lucky horseshoe, spurs and decorated with Conchos. Make sure that these can be mounted securely. Never sacrifice decor for functionality. Most of the time, these two can work well together.

5. Toilet Brush Holders Fun and charming designs of cowboy boots or ones decorated with stars on faux leather are things to look out for when buying these holders. Don't miss out on buying designs that will stand out or give accent to the washroom.

6. Shower Curtains This serves as a wonderful canvass to showcase an authentic western design that will pull all these decorations together. Shower curtains with bear, moose, horses and rustic faux leather designs are fun and gives character to the room. Look for shower curtains that have top and bottom borders of oak leaves and other forms in nature. Opt for 100% cotton, not vinyl for this collects molds. It should be machine washable. This usually requires a liner that is sold separately.

7. Shower Curtain Hooks Don't forget to match the hooks with the curtain of your choice. A variety of designs like, bear paw prints, moose prints, pine cones and stars are delightfully crafted to complete the look of the shower design print in your western bathroom decor.

8. Rustic Nightlights and Sconces These decorative fixtures fit easily to any wall and are both beautiful and unique. Casting upward illumination towards the ceiling, it creates both warmth and balance in the room. They are an elegant, yet traditional way to brighten up a nook and are great western bathroom decor pieces.