Western Curtains for Various Home Décor Themes

Western curtains and drapes have the ability to evoke an authentic Western essence into any home, which can be done with the right selection of such decorative elements. The perfect accessories can be able to grasp the Western theme so well that they can even absolutely transform the mood of the entire room. Natural materials and earthy colours, Western-themed accessories, rustic furnishings, and antiques are some elements that characterize Western style. The window treatments for a Western style can range from basic curtain panels to the elaborate rustic sophistication of leather drapes. The window treatment you should choose for your Western-themed room must blend well with the design of your personal taste, whether it may be a contemporary loft concept of the metropolitan West, a country cottage style, or a simple log cabin design. 

 Western curtains and panels work well for log cabin and country cottage designs. You can dress up your small windows with Western curtains that have printed patterns. Be sure to use fabrics, which include a colour palette that is already utilized in your design concept, with prints that reflect an item that is distinctive in Western style. For instance, a theme that is typically used is a cowboy's boot with a spur. You may hang your curtain panels in such a way that a loose pleat drapes from an iron or a wooden curtain rod. For bigger windows, you can use light Western curtains in a bold colour from your existing palette. Then, top the curtain panels with a stained wooden valance in order to give off a rustic vibe. You may also paint your valance to give it a cottage look. By doing so, you are also adding a rustic depiction that adds aesthetic appeal to your windows. 

 The combination of reed or bamboo shades and Western curtains adds a modern touch to Western motifs, complementing the style with neat outlines whilst maintaining the essence of warmth by making use of natural materials. Pairing Western curtains with horizontal wooden blinds that have 2-inch slats in stained woodwork can work well with Western styles, as well. The warm look of the wood material has the ability to reflect the Western awareness in a country cottage theme, whilst the neat outlines of the blinds provide a more modern appearance. For a more ancient and rustic appeal, you can use blinds with painted slat on rustic red or ancient white. 

Western curtains with drapery use weightier fabrics and provide a more sophisticated effect than what is commonly sought for in Western style. On the other hand, for those rooms that need a touch of sophistication, drapery can merely be considered as an alternative. Leather drapery that is hung in deep pleats can add a highly ornamental component to Western style. For fabric textile panels, you can choose prints with varied colours and recurring design components, such as blocked cameos of country life or woodland animals. For a more fashionable and more urban-style effect, choose fabrics with graphic patterns and rich colors.