A Western-Style Bedroom For Adults

You really want a western or rustic themed bedroom but you don't want to sleep in a Toy Story box, right? There are many ways to achieve a grown up, even sophisticated Western style in a bedroom without being corny or childish and www.cabinplace.com can help you get there. To establish a western theme, start with color choices. Aim for natural or desert colors such as earthy browns and tans or rusty reds. You can find western style bedding at www.cabinplace.com that can help you determine the color palette for the rest of the room, with coordinating western curtains and window treatments. 

Once you have the color palette, you can move on to the bigger furniture pieces. Look for understated beds with a minimalistic or modern take on the western theme rather than giant antlers or grazing cows. A barbed wire inspired metal headboard or beadboard fencing headboard would be a less obvious tribute to the Old West than rifles and saddles. With the furniture and color scheme in place, play off of the western style bedding theme and colors to find accents that will coordinate and be functional. 

Start at www.cabinplace.com to find lamps, switchplate covers, sculptures and wall art that will enhance the western look without delving into a corny style. Of course, you could always choose to style your grown up bedroom with a wink and a nod to the Old West with outrageous and cheesy pieces meant to be fun and exciting rather than understated and sophisticated. Whatever your style, your bedroom is the one room in your home that you can take risks and really make it about you, not about your guests, children, or friends. Find what you love at www.cabinplace.com and make your western room your own.