What is Rustic Bedding?

The term rustic bedding is not easily defined and shouldn't be limited to traditional cabin bedding with animal or nature prints. Rustic bedding encompasses a broad spectrum of styles and themes from basic patterns in organic colors to patterns depicting moose, pine cones and other more typical cabin themes. Rustic bedding should not be relegated to mountain cabins or masculine dens but can be used throughout the house to ground the home in nature and traditional patterns. Don't assume that rustic bedding is old-fashioned or only created in boring patterns and colors. 

The current designs and fabrics reflect both new developments in manufacturing with recycled fibers and the traditional comfort of fleece and other woven fabrics. The organic colors used in most rustic bedding runs the gamut from faded sunset colors such as burnt orange and ochre to forest or mossy greens. But that's not all, cabin bedding also includes the bright autumn colors that are so appealing. Rustic or cabin bedding is a unique way to combine the old and the new, traditional and modern in every room in your home. 

The decorating experts at www.cabinplace.com offer the full range of rustic bedding options; colors and patterns that can be added to and will add to any decor in your home. As a part of a fully rustic room, cabin bedding is the finishing touch. As the only rustic accent in a more modern room, rustic bedding adds an always welcome natural accent.