Open Cell vs Closed Cell Foam in Memory Foam Mattresses


Easy Rest memory foam mattresses use open cell memory foam in all of its mattresses. Open cell memory foam has several benefits over closed cell memory foam that is used by many manufacturers.

With closed cell memory foam, air is trapped within the cells. When the cells pop with use and time, the air is released and the memory foam will go flat. This is what causes depressions in the mattress - especially where you sleep. Closed cell memory foam also has a propensity to trap and reflect heat from the body - thus make the sleeping surface feel warmer

Easy Rest mattresses use Open Cell Memory Foam. Open cell technology solves these problems. Since open cell memory foam does not have air trapped within it, the memory foam has a tendency to hold its shape better - meaning less body impressions and better longevity of the mattress.

Along with keeping its shape, the open cells of the memory foam permit the mattress to breathe by allowing more airflow though the foam. This dissipates the heat coming from your body to provide a cooler sleeping surface.

A more advanced technology can be found in our Gel Lux memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are infused with gel which provides a cooler sleeping surface over traditional memory foams - up to 10 degrees cooler! The gel channels your body heat further away from the mattress providing a sleep surface that is as cool as a traditional mattress.

As previously mentioned, open cell memory foam mattresses have a tendency to return to its original shape quickly - especially our Gel Lux Models,. This helps with longevity of the mattress as well as making it easier to roll over while in bed.

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