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Wool Mattress Pad by Denali

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A more restful sleep - cool in summer - warm in winter. Discover how Europeans enjoy restful sleep year round. They have a sleep-comfort tradition. Its called the fleece "underblanket" or "underlay". The long, thick, even pile conforms to your body, allowing you to sleep with less tossing and turning, thus giving you a better nights sleep. In the winter, air pockets in the wool fibers trap your body heat and keep warm air circulating next to your skin providing more consistent body temperature. In the summer, the wool's absorbent, hollow fibers wick moisture away from your skin, leaving you feeling more dry and comfortable - thus allowing you to sleep more comfortably. While not claiming to be a medical device, many physicians have recommended a wool mattress pad for people with physical ailments, and for premature babies. Our mattress pads are made from the most luxurious wool in the United States. It is completely odorless (even when wet), flame resistant, and non allergenic. Unlike some wool mattress pads that have elastic bands that hold on the corners of the mattress, our mattress pads are designed with a fitted sheet to ensure that the mattress pad will not slip off of the corners of the mattress.