Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress is considered by many the best mattress for a good night sleep. Our Easy Rest mattresses feature Gel Infused and traditional foam styles. Our Gel Lux features a top layer gel infused memory foam and our Easy Rest Pedic brand is open cell memory foam. Both styles are designed to give a comfortable nights rest with no pressure points or getting too warm.

Our Easy Rest Gel Lux Mattress features a top layer of ventilated gel infused memory foam that keeps your body cooler when you sleep. The ventilated gel efficiently dissipates heat from around the body and transfers it away from you as cool air replenishes the mattresses' sleep surface.

Our traditional Easy Rest "Pedic" series mattresses feature comfortable, high density - open cell foam that will provide support and comfort that will ease away your aches and pains. The open cell technology has more of a cooling effect that helps prevent you from getting too hot while sleeping.

Both mattress styles are constructed in the same way. Many layers of foam are used to create a comfortable surface and a supportive foundation. Easy Rest uses the technology of open cell foam that will last years longer than those that are made from closed cell foam. Closed cell foam traps air within the foam and eventually gets release causing the foam to go flat. The properties of open cell foam allow the mattress to retain its original firmness and shape for a longer period of time.

Every Easy Rest Memory Foam mattress carries a NON pro-rated full replacement warranty. The mattresses are independently tested, reviewed, and certified. They meet or exceed CertiPur-US specifications which are environmentally friendly and ensure that you receive the highest quality mattress while getting a great value. Only the prices are cheap!