10 Quick & Easy Ways to Decorate with Rustic Cabin Decor

From moose and bear motifs to wooden coat trees, there are lots of ways to decorate with rustic cabin decor. This timeless style of interior decorating is all about nature, so animal themes are very popular. It is easy to select a bear motif and repeat it throughout the house, because there are so many accessories to choose from. You can have bears on everything, from wall art to throw pillows - even bear claw light switch plates. It all depends on your personal taste, so let your imagination run wild!

The forest is another popular theme in rustic cabin decor. You can select from a wide variety of tree designs for your curtains, and wrapped canvas prints for your wall art. You can also include the forest in more subtle ways, like having wooden shelves, or a rustic mirror with a unique wood frame. Please see the infographic below for more ideas for decorating with rustic cabin decor. Escape to the great outdoors!