How to Use Western Bedding in Your Home

The image of “The American West” resonates throughout the world and across generations. Some can only dream of experiencing western culture, while others find it just outside the front door. If you long for a luxurious western retreat to indulge your inner cowboy or cowgirl, it’s easy to accomplish with the right mix of fine quality western bedding and overall bedroom decor.

Read on for ideas, inspiration, and sources to help you create a fully realized western bedroom.


How to Decorate Your Bedroom

The anchor piece in every bedroom is, of course, the bed. You can instantly create a western feel and set the theme for the entire room by your choice of bedding. Identify the color scheme you prefer, or survey available western bed sets for inspirational color schemes and favorite themes.

A fully “dressed” bed is inviting, setting the mood for a cozy night’s sleep or a relaxing bit of reading. Achieve your ultimate retreat right at home with your choice of coordinated western bed sets. Enjoy the convenience of finding all the elements in one package, with sheets, comforter, pillow shams, decorator accent pillow, and bedskirt. Build up the layered effect with alternating colors, and create a bold, high-impact look.

There are so many ways to express your love of the West that the hardest part might be choosing one bedroom theme.

Themes and Motifs

Look for western style bedding sets that feature your favorite western symbols. These will form the foundation of your room’s theme, and give you loads of ideas for building a total room design.  Here is a primer of popular western symbols and motifs to get you started:

  • Horses are the dominant image of the old American West, for obvious reasons. Native Americans, cowboys, new settlers: everyone depended on them for transportation, especially in new, unsettled lands. Today, throughout the western U.S. there are horse stables, riding schools, and hobbyists who cherish these beautiful four-legged friends and keep the old horse culture alive.

A lucky few still live the western lifestyle, performing feats of horsemanship in today’s rodeos and team sports. Whether you ride a real horse or just dream of it, what better way to create your own dreamscape than a themed set, withh a comforter that features an embroidered cowboy team galloping across, roping a calf? Each piece of bedding is bordered with a barbed wire motif, and the accent pillows are decorated with saddlebag-style buckles.

  • Cowboys have been a part of the West since roughly the Civil War era, when an estimated 5 million head roamed the plains of Texas.1 These rough and ready individuals were famous for living exposed to the elements, wrangling thousands of animals across the plains, and wearing really cool outfits. Their tall, wide-brimmed hats, red bandanas, and spurs were practical tools for a rugged life, but they have survived as recognized images that keep the myth of the cowboy alive today.

Some modern-day cowboys still wrangle cattle, but mostly they’re found in the rodeo setting, competing for prizes in bronc riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, and more.

Relive the excitement of the rodeo each time you crawl into bed with a rodeo-themed American cowboy graphic on accent pieces like a coverlet layered over a nubby bedspread. Carefully mixed graphic and print patterns produce a sophisticated designer effect when colors are unified. Try a row of red bandana-pattern pillows layered behind graphic print pillows, echoing the coverlet fabric’s red accents.

  • Barbwire, or barbed wire, is an old western symbol harkening back to the days when massive herds of cattle grazed open lands. Farmers adopted the newly invented, cheap, and easily mantained barbed wire fences to protect their lands from trampling by the cattle, eventually putting an end to the big drives.

Find barbwire motifs as a border on a variety of bedding combinations, or a characteristic rug, mixed with old-time western cattle brands.

  • Stars are a common motif in Western decor, thanks to the Lone Star State, Texas. The state flag carries this symbol and it has been widely adopted to represent the cowboy culture that is alive and well in Texas today.

Favorite combinations to consider include a chocolate brown comforter, with caramel bedskirting and pillow shams. The Cabin Place Chocolate Laredo Embroidered Comforter Set features the lone star motif embroidered around the borders of each piece, for a high-end feel. Even the matching sheet sets in cream are embroidered with chocolate-colored stars.

Tooled Red Leather Stud Pillow

Color Schemes

Color may be the easiest part of building a western look and feel. You can create a pulled-together look with one dominant color in the room, plus several secondary colors, and an accent color here and there.

Think back to the outdoor life, and those motifs mentioned above, for hints of western color. Theme colors echo the dusty browns of dry Texas plains and blue skies, or the chocolate brown of rich soil. Accent with deep, earthy reds, natural greens, and metal embellishments.

Make the Room Complete

Establish the foundation pieces of your western room with a matched set of furniture, like a sturdy barnwood platform bed, nightstand, and armoire. If space allows, include a blanket chest at the foot of the bed to store a collection of fun accent pieces, like comforters, pillows, and throws that you can change out with the seasons or your mood.

The bedroom becomes a true western retreat with the added decorator elements that build a total environment. Remember to carry out the color themes established in your western bedding set. Use the dominant colors for large-scale items like additional furniture and for wall paint, or for curtains and drapes. Take advantage of smaller accent pieces to add pops of your accent color, with lamp shades, casual throws, and area rugs.

What western ranch would be complete without a cushy, upholstered chair with leather accents by the bedside? Add an ottoman to rest your feet, as well as a suede and denim throw, and you have a wonderful reading nook or extra space for family to enjoy.

One or two selected pieces of wall art, like a High Spirits Horse laser-cut steel hanging piece, provide an interesting focal point. Even a small piece, like an Old West switch plate and a matching outlet cover embellished with western stars, expresses a finished feeling of attention to detail.

High Spirits Horse Wall Art


Detail is the key to building the perfect western themed bedroom. Look for details in the finest, most luxurious themed bedding set. Let its images inspire you to add just the right combination of accent furnishings, rugs, lighting, and wall art. You’ll awake from a restful night’s sleep with dreams of the West still fresh in your mind.