Rustic Cabin Furniture

How to Make Your Home Look and Feel like a Rustic Retreat

A few days, a week, or even a month in the woods is never quite enough. You may have the leisure of spending time in the cozy, warm, inviting surroundings of an actual log cabin or mountain retreat, but sooner or later, you have to go back to the real world—or do you?

Back to reality means back to the daily grind of work and commuting, or playing taxi service for the kids. Whatever is your routine, wherever your "real-life" home, why not relive the calm, secure feeling you had in your vacation cabin? A little imagination plus the right combination of furnishings and accessories will recreate the feel of that rustic getaway right at home.

The idea of rustic decor can be expressed in one style, with barnwood furniture or rustic log furniture. More likely, you’ll find a blend that suits your family’s unique sense of comfort and warmth. All of them share common themes, like using nature’s muted colors, and hand-crafted quality in all things.

Rustic Dining Rooms

Bring the cabin feeling home to share with family and friends in your rustic dining room. Anchor the room with your choice of dining table, then carry its style through in supporting pieces, lighting, and accessories.

A classic vacation home with cabin style furniture might feature a hickory dining table made from bark-on hickory logs and a deep, rich wood tone with contrasting darker legs. Matching hickory spoke back side chairs with fabric-upholstered seats create a put-together yet natural feel. Or, a barnwood dining table with matching chairs brings in a highly dramatic, dark wood that lends a feeling of age and richness to a cabin-themed room or home.

A cedar log farmers’ dining table with long benches and "ma and pa" captain’s chairs at the heads of the table, creates a more casual, family-style setting. The bright, light-colored wood tone works in a real cabin or a suburban home with a range of rustic finishes on walls and floor.

Lighting can be kept low to reflect the mood of candlelight, kerosene lamps, and log fires, or brightened up to recall meals with all the ranch hands and the family gathered around a well-stocked table.

If you have the luxury of a large, open great room, set the scene for your dining area by choosing a rug to define the space. Make sure it accommodates both table and chairs for your dining set. In Western ranch style cabin homes, Native American area rugs reinforce natural, muted colors and geometric designs. An oval moose woods braided rug sets a homier, hand-crafted tone that spells out early Americana, and fits with a range of furnishings.

Complete your dining room with a functional yet decorative hutch or buffet. Choose a piece that coordinates with the hickory or barnwood table, or select an artistically hand-crafted one that stands alone, like the Sun Valley Buffet shown below, made from beetle-kill ponderosa pine, with twig and antler accents. These sturdy pieces can add a strong character statement to the space, providing the perfect display surface for themed accessories or lamps. They conveniently store dishes and linens where you need them, and protect family treasures and heirlooms.

Details like dishware carry out a theme and reinforce the rustic getaway feel. Recall a relaxed, woodsy environment each time you set a table with the lodge whitetail dinnerware set that takes an elegant, modern twist, displaying magnificent bucks in muted neutral tones on square plates. By contrast, speckled ceramic dinnerware featuring a mountain bear motif is perfect for a more casual, folksy feel.

A Rustic Bathroom - Furniture and Decor

Keep that rustic feeling in the one room that is always a private retreat, the bathroom. The right choice of vanity and cabinet creates luxury and charm, with hand-worked woods in varied tones, like hickory, cedar log, or barnwood.

The warm colors of wood seem to glow with soft lighting, complemented by brighter illumination around mirrors. Display a cushy set of contrasting, natural-colored towels with just the right nature motif, like the buckmark set shown here, for the comfort of a rustic spa.

Rustic Bar and Fireside

The bar or great room with cozy fireplace will be a magnet for gathering everyone together. Let each corner of the room offer a different diversion, like a cedar log poker table in one area, and a coordinated bar with built-in wine rack in another for serving up favorite snacks and beverages.

Place some mismatched comfy chairs by the fireside, along with an upholstered wood bench for added storage and extra seating. Reinforce your rustic theme with a pine cone and branch cast-iron fireplace tool set and matching screen, to ensure safety.

Rustic Furniture for the Fireside Bedroom

Everyone’s favorite pastime in a rustic getaway must be sitting—or lying, or sleeping—by the fire. Create the perfect fireside bedroom mini-retreat by placing a small area rug before the fireplace to set the boundaries of the space. Position a comfy armchair and ottoman like a deep brown leather pair, offset by two-tone copper nail heads.

For a different look, try the more streamlined profile of an Amish handcrafted "Grandpa Hickory Rocker," that features upholstered seat and back. Rest your feet on a vintage style footstool with hooked wool top and cabin image. If space allows, place a round accent table nearby, made from a coordinating rustic wood. Add a themed table lamp to layer on the charm. All that’s needed is a warm, plush throw that picks up your color palette and woodsy theme, and you’re set to read a favorite book or snooze by the fire.

Make Your Own Rustic Statement

Log cabins and rustic getaways can be grand or humble. Take inspiration from the lodges built in the Adirondacks of the Northeast for wealthy industrialists, or the great ranch-style homes of the wide-open West that inspire so many current cabin homes.

Amish furniture exemplifies a distinctive style that carries simplicity and clean lines to an artistic height, in the effort to make beautiful, functional pieces that serve their purpose without fuss.

Arts and Crafts furniture and decor favors dark woods and colored tile accents, using thick, straight lines and hand-crafted methods. Lighting might feature copper fixtures, while linens, rugs and pottery bring in muted colors.1

There’s just one drawback to creating an ideal mountain retreat for all your friends and family—no one will want to leave.


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