Mesa Lodge Vanity Set

SKU: WS-BA1917
Mesa Lodge Vanity Set (7689329082600)

Mesa Lodge Vanity Set

SKU: WS-BA1917
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The Mesa Lodge Vanity Set includes a soap dispenser, water cup holder and toothbrush holder. The earthy ceramic set adds a rustic vibe to your bathroom and connects you to the great outdoors. Tones of beige, red, black, green, chocolate, mocha and cream bring a natural palette into your home and tie together your existing rustic decor. Designs include plaid on the soap dispenser, red arrows on the water cup holder and a dear head silhouette on the toothbrush holder.  Sold as a set.

Sold as a Set

Includes: Toothbrush Holder; Water Cup Holder; Soap Pump

Does not include water cup

Normally ships within 2 - 3 business days

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