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Rustic Cabin Themes


Decorating to a theme lets you expand your world without leaving home. You may live in a high-rise urban condo or a suburban ranch house, but you can still dream of escaping to the classic getaway, a cabin in the woods. Attaining a cabin-themed bedroom can be as simple as finding an affordable rustic bedding set.
Your dream cabin—real or imagined—might be an expansive mountain home, mixing rustic elegance with suggestions of “roughing it,” or a small, cozy hideaway for protection against the elements. We actually spend about one-third of our lives sleeping1, so why not pass the time (an estimated average of 25 years) nestled in exactly the comforting kind of environment we crave?
Choosing classic rustic themes expressed in the right materials and colors will seem to bring the sounds and feelings of nature to life around you.
Decorating Tips and Tricks
Give your bedroom a professionally decorated feel by carrying out your theme with a few easy steps that pull a room together. There’s no need to bend the budget for expensive recreations of old-timey, “out in the woods” furniture. The bed itself takes up most of the space and is, in fact, the anchor piece in any bedroom. Changing the look of your bed with a layered collection of linens immediately establishes the feel and sets the scene. Use the sheets, comforters, throws, pillowcases, or shams as jumping-off points, and add touches around the room that reinforce your theme.

How the pros do it
Recreate a cabin feel with:

  • The right materials – natural elements like wood, stone, and copper are typical of traditional rustic décor. These can be represented through images in your cabin style bedding set, accessory pieces that you place around the room, or furniture pieces rendered in any of these strong, natural (or natural-looking) materials.


  • Nature’s soft colors – there is no neon in nature. Browns, beige, sage, rust red, robin’s egg blue, or evergreen all suggest a picturesque natural setting. By using these colors in the bedspread, drapes, area rugs, throw pillows, and other touches, you can reinforce the idea that your room really is at one with nature. For the best results, think in terms of more neutral foundation colors with one or two strong accent colors used more sparingly.


  • Reflect the seasons – adjust your mix for the change of weather. Winter is a great excuse to add coordinated comforters and throws, creating an even more inviting feel. In summer, less is more, and you can stack those extra pieces in an attractive corner or open shelf to create a feeling of comfort without the added weight on your bed. Replace heavy layers on your bed with an additional bordered sheet as a spread, or choose a thin, lightweight, summer comforter.


  • Layer it on – give your room a multi-dimensional feel. Start with your anchor, the bed, creating layers of color and contrasting textures. Your foundation is a dark-colored bed skirting to create a finished feel, followed by themed sheets and topped with a soft comforter. Look for a complete coordinated set to save money, and you’ll also appreciate the designer expertise that makes them all work together.


Crown the display with just the right arrangement of shams and throw pillows in successive layers. This adds more dimension and gives you the chance to highlight your favorite animal icon. You’re not done yet—the finishing touch for your already irresistible bed is a soft, faux fur or velveteen throw that accents the mix and gives that added feeling of comfort in case of cold winter nights.


Give Your Bedroom a Wildlife Feel

  • Add more details – include small touches that recall the rustic lifestyle. Start with layers of bear-themed bedding, then carry out the image with a teddy bear or three, tucked into a cozy chair in your rustic reading corner—perhaps on a bear- themed pillow atop your Amish hickory rocking chair. Or, if it better suits your style, simply display a naturalistic, sculpted bear on a shelf or desk.


  • A grand moose lodge may recall some of your happiest family getaways, or suit the style of your current mountain home. Layers of lodge style bedding accented by bands of iconic moose profiles will establish your animal totem and lead the way to a bold wildlife theme. Carry it through with some whimsical moose decorative pieces like a pair of wall sconces framing your bed, featuring the majestic north woods moose. Wall sconces have the added effect of providing soft, diffused light in a room that’s meant for relaxation.


A River Runs Through It

  • Use found objects – keep an eye out for the one small piece that can spread your theme around the room. In a casual rustic room, display grandpa’s fishing rod to carry out a fishing-themed bedding set. A western hat or an old, tweed fishing cap tucked on a bedpost tells its own story.


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All images used in this long-form article were sourced from the client web site.