How to Furnish a Rustic Airbnb

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A rural Airbnb getaway can be therapeutic for anyone accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle. Urban living can make your shoulders tight, and when you travel to a rural home, you can feel them start to relax. Creating this calming feeling in your Airbnb is easy when you curate a cohesive theme that conforms to the complexion of your surroundings.

Consider the natural environment

You can give your guests an immersive experience if you mold your Airbnb design to fit its habitat. Is your Airbnb more out of the famous book Little House on the Prairie, or a coastal fisherman’s escape? Letting the natural landscape dictate decorations helps conceptualize the feel of your BnB. Quick reference examples for conforming to a natural setting are:

When your bed and breakfast has a strong theme, it becomes more than just a place to stay — it becomes an experience. Your guests can imagine themselves as the original tenants of your themed retreat and weave that fantasy into their adventures. The theme is only the beginning of the chronicle told by your Airbnb; next, you’ll want to think of the main characters. 

Tell a story with your decor

After narrowing in on your theme by referencing the natural environment, try to envision the original tenants of your property. In other words, the people who might live at the property if it wasn’t a rental BnB. For example, if you have a Tuscan-style Airbnb, the fictitious, original owners could be Italian winemakers. Perhaps they would congregate around a rustic dining table in the evening, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

It’s easier to tell a story when you have main characters, so think about the design style and who might live and work on your property. Some other examples of narratives to entwine with your theme include:

  • Hunter’s lodge - Decorate using animal-themed furniture (think moose, deer, elk, and badgers). Decorations with antlers, pinecones, and tree branches make for sensible additions to this habitat. Maybe the hunters repurposed antlers for kitchen cabinet door handles, chandeliers, and lighting fixtures.
  • Fisherman’s retreat - Other than fish-themed furniture, you can think about how the fishers catch their meals. Perhaps they used a canoe to traverse the waters or retire their old fishing gear as bits of furniture. 
  • Rancher’s respite - A rancher spends all day out in the fields and needs to retire to comfortable furniture in the evening. Most likely, a rancher’s abode will have leather furniture and might decorate their home with ranching tools like cattle yolk or even old leather gloves. 
  • Countryside farmhouse - The quintessential farmhouse item is a comforter-like quilt. Chandeliers and pendant lights that give the appearance of oil lamps are an elegant touch. You could also place large rustic vases with wheat stocks in the corner for a more downhome setting. 
  • Miner’s dwelling - Not usually the first place that comes to mind when we think about getting away from the city; however, a miner’s home can be the perfect mountainside retreat. Use stone-colored hues and metal furniture to complete this look. 
  • Practical tips for decorating a rustic Airbnb

    It’s easy to prioritize form over function when decorating; ornate furniture can be difficult to clean. Thankfully, most types of rustic furniture are easy to clean, and any dings or scratches only add charm and character. Some decorating projects can also get costly in the long run — in a rustic design, you can source knick-knacks and smaller items from antique stores or repurpose older pieces of furniture. Three things to consider when choosing furniture for any Airbnb are cleaning up after guests, your overall budget, and the purpose of each decoration. 

    Cleaning your Airbnb

    Account for cleaning practices for an Airbnb; you most likely want to use bedding and furniture with simple, easy-to-wipe-down surfaces. Natural wood is easy to clean and melds nicely with a rustic setting. You can quickly clean wooden furnishings with a microfiber cloth and some oil soap — this will reduce your cleaning service fees and help sell your Airbnb. Metal, stone, and other non-porous decor items will be stain-resistant and save you money on costly replacements.


    You don’t have to order the most expensive decor for your guests to feel like they’re living in luxury. Even a farmhouse Airbnb design can have a heightened appearance that gives off a five-star perception. You can use reclaimed, painted furniture to supplement your more expensive pieces, ultimately saving you money and creating a one-of-a-kind style. 

    Don’t go overboard with your decor

    Minimalist and simple design styles can save money and reduce mental clutter for your guests. Being selective with your decor and finding purpose for each piece of furniture helps make your Airbnb less noisy and delivers a subtle, calming experience. Naturally, your guests want to experience the organic settings surrounding your rustic abode and not get distracted by overwhelming decorations. Therefore, avoid clashing colors and use natural-colored tones on the walls. You should consider the brightness of light fixtures when finding lighting options for your rental property. If the lighting in your Airbnb is too bright, it might distract your guests from the surrounding countryside. 

    Are you looking for rustic furniture for your Airbnb?

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