Hunting Lodge Decorating Ideas

The amount of prep and planning that goes into a successful hunt makes it all the more rewarding, and designing the interior of your lodge is like laying the groundwork for the first of many antler, shoulder, or European mounts. Spanning generations, cabin decorations become a testament to memories made over multiple hunting seasons. Read on for hunting lodge decorating ideas, color schemes, furniture, and accessories.

Hunting cabin color schemes

Figuring out the color scheme of your lodge is like laying traps, rigging up a bow-hunting perch, or tracking an animal; it sets the tone for the task at hand. Wood-colored hues, greens, and bronze shades can create a forest-like effect within your living quarters. Try to match the shades of your cabin’s surroundings and landscape so it feels one with the wilderness. Some quick-reference color palettes for hunting cabins are listed below.

hunting lodge color scheme

Hunting lodge decor & furniture

Whether you bagged a buck or missed the shot, relaxing in a fully furnished cabin at the end of a long day makes all the difference — on both occasions, a well-stocked bar can come in handy. As hunting is one of humanity’s earliest habits, rustic furniture and nature-themed decorations are amicable toward a hunter's frame of mind. Try envisioning a tranquil space that eases the transition between a modern human domicile and the forest.

Additionally, look out for functional furniture for your cabin; for example, places to store your bow, rifles, or equipment. Having safe and secure ways to display your hunting gear (like gun display cabinets) can double as decorative and practical furniture. You can also purchase accessories like heavy curtains and floor rugs to insulate your lodge.

Mounts & trophies

A deer mount or game trophy usually has memories of a hunt attached to it, but even if you don’t have a mount with a story, you can buy some online for the time. Trophies and mounts can motivate future hunts and build toward the allure of wilderness lodging. Elk antlers and European mounts are easy to clean and can instantaneously transform an everyday cabin into a hunter’s home.

Furs & blankets

It’s hard to replicate the added comfort of a few animal furs on the floor, sofa, or armchair. Fur blankets and pillows can also double as added bedding for your hunting dogs, keeping them warm on colder nights. You don’t need a giant bear skin rug — a couple of leathers or furs can make nearly any cabin look like a mountain tracker lives there.

Protecting & furnishing the floor

Starting in the entryway, a durable floor mat can reduce the amount of mud and dirt tracked into your camp. For insulation, area rugs and runners can help your cabin retain heat and save money on energy costs. You might also want to consider a few plastic drip trays to place underneath coat and boot racks — so drying hunting gear doesn’t ruin your hardwood floors.

Furniture & storage

Enjoying downtime during a hunting trip is equally important as time spent tracking or chasing game. A table for poker or card games is great for passing time and enjoying the serenity a hunting trip offers. Plus, a decent-sized table and set of chairs can create a social space for telling stories. Some other pieces of furniture to consider include:

Storage for hunting equipment and gear is practical for any cabin. You’ll want a good cabinet for bows and guns, with drawers for practice targets and ammo. Keeping equipment well-organized could be the determining factor in getting out to the hunt on time and bagging a new trophy.


Getting your day started with relaxed lighting ensures your eyes are still adjusted to the low light of dawn before you set out. However, you’ll also want some bright lighting for reading maps and regulations when planning out your routes for the next day. Ordering multiple light sources gives you more options to find optimal brightness for any task.

Sometimes we need to repair or make our equipment — use hanging lights or downward-facing fixtures over an office desk for a well-lit work area. For the living room, a rustic chandelier can add to the charm of your communal space. Some other lighting fixture options for hunting lodges include:

  • Pendant lights - hanging lanterns perfect for hallways and work desks
  • Wall sconces - wall-mounted lighting fixtures that offer direct light
  • Antler chandeliers - decorative lighting arrangements of natural or white antlers

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