Five-Pointed Stars & Western Decor

red barn with large star on outside wall

The five-pointed star that decorates many homes and barns these days has a rich and varied history that dates back hundreds of years. Although most people enjoy hanging five-pointed star decor simply because they go well with cabin or Western styling, let’s take a look at the background of this iconic symbol before we go through tips and recommendations for incorporating it into your home.

Origins of the design

Also known as the Lone Star or Texas Star, many view the five-pointed star often used in Western decor as a symbol of Americana. This term is used to describe patriotic symbols, decorations, folklore, and the spirit of national pride that goes with them. The five-pointed star is an important symbol of patriotism and a vital part of the American flag itself.

Five-pointed star’s meaning

Not only is the star a symbol of Americana in general, but it also carries very deep meaning in Western culture, which makes it very popular in Western-themed decor. Texas is known as the “Lone Star State” because of the single five-pointed star displayed on its state flag. This represented its stand for independence from Mexico back in the 1800s, when it stood alone for freedom (hence the “Lone” Star). 5 and 6-pointed stars were also worn by sheriffs and deputies in the Wild West, often the only form of law for hundreds of miles into cattle country. Consequently, the symbol is associated with bravery, justice, honor, and the often rough survivalist culture of the West.

Stars in Western decor

Knowing the significance of the five-pointed star to American culture explains why it is such an integral part of rustic cabin decor. It’s a symbol of freedom, grit, bravery, and loyalty that is a great reminder of our country's struggle for independence and pioneering spirit. You can show your patriotism and Wild West spirit by displaying five-pointed stars as part of your cabin decor or Western-themed country home. Many retailers carry large rustic metal five-pointed stars to display in or outside your home, as well as star-patterned bedding, rugs, wall art, and more.

Using the Lone Star in your home’s decor

The Lone Star has been a symbol for the state of Texas since its origin in 1845, placed on the flag that was used in various battles to stir Texans into action. Today, the Texas Star is used as a symbol of bravery, loyalty, and purity — characteristics that many Texans still take to heart today. The use of Western star decor in your home is a great way to add rustic appeal, while symbolizing your individualism and sense of freedom.


Before you start buying decor with stars on it, it’s best to start with a foundation in your home that pairs well with the atmosphere you’re trying to create. The best materials to start looking at to enhance with five-pointed stars and other Western imagery are wood, leather, and rope. Having shelves, furniture, or other accents around your home that feature these will emphasize the warmth, comfort, and craftsmanship of each room.


Once you’re starting to look for materials that fit the Western style, don’t forget to find a color scheme that you like! Down-to-earth reds and dusty hues further add to a warm feeling, and adding whites and blues bring a little more of a patriotic color palette. A less common option that we love is adding splashes of turquoise to your decor. Like the Texas Star, turquoise has a place in the history of the Old West, both in textiles as well as jewelry. The color instantly adds a vibrant accent to any room, and looks great with the materials you’ve been looking at.


When picking out items for your Lone Star home decor, rugs are the perfect place to start. There are a huge variety of ways to incorporate five-pointed stars with the design of your rugs, from a large central star to smaller stars decorating the edges. We have a large range of designs, colors, and sizes for you to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect rug for any room!


The next place you should look for opportunities to add Texas Star designs is around the bedroom. Whether comforters, pillows, or throws, these are all versatile items that can really show off your Western style. If you’re searching for a more classic and understated look, perhaps caramel brown microfiber suede with a border of five-point stars is your best bet. For creating a style that is a little more attention-getting, try an embroidered Lone Star pattern with brighter colors like red or turquoise. However you choose to display stars on your bedding, it’s sure to tie the room together.


Beyond what we’ve discussed, there are many other items available to help you coordinate your Western star bedding with every corner of the house. Down to the smallest details, you can find Lone Star-themed glassware, mirrors, light fixtures, curtains, and much more. The Texas Star is a versatile design that gives rustic, Western appeal to any room in your home. Because there are so many accessories made with the five-point star design, they offer versatility through the different colors and imagery.

Outside your home

You may have also seen large five-pointed stars adorning the outsides of barns and homes in the countryside and wondered if it’s just another Americana decoration. In many cases, these stars are actually considered good luck charms in farming settlements with German roots. Similar to hanging a horseshoe on a wall, barn stars began as an attempt to ward off evil. However, adding a five-point star to the outside of your home is still a common practice today and has been popularized in general Western and rustic decor.

Add the Lone Star look to your home today

One of the most popular decor themes, Western iconography is timeless and will always look great. Not only will it look great, but the colors and materials evoke a warm, traditional atmosphere that’s impossible to replicate or imitate with other decor styles. If you’re ready to upgrade your home with five-pointed stars, look no further than our full collection of star decor and Western styling. We have a huge inventory of numerous vibrant designs and styles, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Browse our selections today!