What Do 5-Pointed Stars In Western Décor Mean?

The 5-pointed star that decorates many houses and barns these days has a long history of rich and varied meaning. Although most people enjoy hanging 5-pointed stars simply because they go well with cabin decor or western decor, it is interesting to take a look into the background of this symbol. Many view the 5-pointed star often used in western decor as a symbol of Americana, the term used to describe patriotic symbols, decorations, folklore, and the spirit of national pride that goes with them. And the 5-pointed star is definitely a symbol of patriotism, a vital part of the American flag itself, and most of the first states before they joined the Union. 

Not only is the star a symbol of Americana in general, it also carries very deep meaning in western culture, which makes it very popular in western decor. Texas is known as the Lone Star State" because of the single 5-pointed star displayed on its state flag. This represented its stand for independence from Mexico back in the 1800s, when it "stood alone' for freedom. 5 and 6-pointed stars were also worn by sheriffs and deputies in the Wild West, often the only form of law to be had for hundreds of miles into cattle country. Consequently the symbol is associated with bravery, justice, honor, and the often rough, survivalist culture of the west. 

Knowing the significance of the 5-pointed star to American culture explains why it is such an integral part of rustic cabin decor. It is a symbol of freedom, grit, bravery, and loyalty that is a great reminder of our country's struggle for independence and pioneering spirit. You can show your patriotism and brave, Wild West spirit by displaying 5-pointed stars as part of your cabin decor or western-themed country home. Many retailers carry large rustic-metal 5-pointed stars to display in or outside your home, as well as star patterned bedding, rugs, wall art, and more. 

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