Best Wildlife Decor Themes for Your Cabin or Rustic Home

carved wooden animals in rustic home

Are you looking to decorate your cabin or lodge with a beautiful wildlife theme? Wildlife decor is very popular in lake houses, forest cabins, and mountain retreats because it brings a little bit of the outdoors and nature into a warm and relaxing home atmosphere. Get started with our tips and recommendations for adding this to your cabin or lodge today!

Wildlife decor themes

Let’s start with some initial decisions about what animals you want to use in your new decor. Whether you’re decorating just one room in your home or the entire cabin, you can show your love of these magnificent creatures with style. Take a little time to put the necessary thought into your decorating project, making sure not to overpower the decor with a single special interest. Here are a few of our favorite wildlife themes that use rustic cabin decor:


By far, bears are some of the best animals to use for a wildlife theme in a country cabin. They can be majestic and adorable, all at the same time. Bears bring charm to the kitchen, whimsy to the bathroom, and conversation to the living room. There are so many rustic decor pieces that feature bears that you’ll have no problem using this theme throughout your cabin or lodge. Some examples of bear-themed items that you can look for include curtain ties, hall trees, brackets, switch plates, wall hangings, and more.


Birds make a great nature and wildlife theme because they can go with almost anything. This is because birds live in a wide variety of environments, so it’s not uncommon to see them near everything from birch trees and other animals to coastal decor. They are great paired with pine cones and other wildlife accessories or art to tie your home together.


The mighty moose makes for a great wildlife theme in any cabin or lodge. These large and stoic creatures can be found on clocks, shower curtains, rugs, wall art, and more. You can also find chandeliers and other lighting options made from their large antlers, which create a stunning and unique cabin atmosphere.


There isn't much not to love about a wildlife theme featuring horses. The wild horse can be found on blankets, throw pillows, and more. There is just something about the iconic horse that draws people, and you're sure to get plenty of compliments when you use horses in your decorating scheme or lodge decor. This style also goes great with western decor items like stars and cowboy bedding.

Incorporate wildlife decor into your bedroom

Speaking of bedding, bedroom decor can be just the stepping stone you need to get started creating the perfect scene for what you love most in the wild. Wildlife bedding is much more than just a fun way to spruce up your bedroom — it gives you the chance to turn your entire bedroom into a forest or a lakeside setting! Using moose or bear bedding can be perfect for a hunter’s lodge, while trout and bass can make for a great fisherman’s cabin theme. Even if you’re in the middle of the city, walking through your bedroom door and taking one look at your wildlife bedding will instantly whisk you away to the wilderness setting you find the most peaceful and relaxing.

There are a number of ways that lodge-style bedding can be used to create a relaxing hideaway that reflects some of the things you love most about nature. Colors, patterns, and plants designed with the same colors that Mother Nature uses to paint the scenery you find so refreshing can immediately enhance your room. Let’s look at a few considerations when adding wildlife themes to your bedroom:

Pair with different wildlife styles

You want to make sure that if you get a beautiful rustic bed set that it coordinates with the rugs, lamps, furniture, and other items in the room. To incorporate one or more animals into the decor, it isn't necessary to drench the room with the same design repeated over and over again. The bed sets are made of coordinating colors and designs that give your wildlife theme just the right emphasis. A throw pillow with a beautifully detailed bear tossed into a corner chair is all that you need to bring that corner into the mix with all of your other accessories.

Wall hangings, shelves, fan pulls, and switchplate and outlet covers are just some of the ways that you can add small but significant details that will turn your bedroom into a realistic cabin in the woods. Our rustic bed sets are easily coordinated with window treatments, bed linens, and pillows for the touch that you need to give your bedroom an authentic and personalized feel.

Create a soothing place to rest

The way you decorate the rest of your home may be more for your guests than for yourself. When it comes to decorating your bedroom, your goal should be to create a safe haven where you will feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired. Nothing will be more soothing to your spirit than being surrounded by the colors, plants, and animals that are as natural as it gets! Make decisions that will speak to you and bring a sense of tranquility, because this is the one room that is designed for you.

Start with the focus of the room

Creating a wildlife theme from scratch can be a bit overwhelming, so we recommend starting with the primary focus of the room (in this case, the bedroom). Narrowing down the choice to one of the beautiful rustic bed sets should be the first and most important decision you make about decorating your bedroom. Your bed will be the focal point of the room and, most likely, the place in which you will spend the most time when relaxing. From there, you can add all the details that carry your theme to every corner of the room and home.

Ideas for patterns & matching themes

While wildlife bedding is perfect for a hunter's lodge, it's also great for anyone who's fascinated with these animals that roam the great outdoors. Animal prints on items such as moose, deer, or elk bedding can be capped off with small antlers on the bedposts, while bear bedding can be accessorized with a faux fur bearskin rug. Wildlife bedding decorated in a fish design can be topped off with crisscrossed fish hooks decorating the footboard, or even fishing rods on the wall over the headboard. Other wall decorations you could use are filed fish hooks to hold robes, jackets, or a fishermen's cap. All of these tie back into your decor theme without getting out of hand, and bring a warm and inviting feeling to your home that you’ll appreciate every day.

Bring the great outdoors into your home decor

No matter what wildlife you want to incorporate into your rustic home, your first stop should be Cabin Place. We have a wide assortment of decor and bedding options with vibrant landscapes and detailed animals for you to choose from. If you already know the animals you’re looking for, browse our themed collections, which conveniently sort everything on our website by animal or design. Find the perfect wildlife decorations and furnishings for your home today!