How to Make a Cozy Cabin Bedroom: Ideas, Furniture, Decor, & More

rustic bedroom with bed and wardrobe

The outdoors theme is becoming more and more popular in homes recently. People are falling in love with the grazing deer, snow-capped mountains, and strolling bears. Creating the perfect getaway for the wilderness in your bedroom starts with the idea and your vision. Today, we’ll walk through general tips and considerations for building that vision, as well as ideas for furniture and decor to create a finished, beautiful rustic bedroom.

Rustic bedroom tips & ideas

The key to creating a bedroom that has the look and feel of an authentic cabin in the woods is to bring the outdoors inside. The natural colors and simple designs used to create the items in rustic house decor will provide you with the perfect touch for every area of the room. Look for items that have a similar theme to each other and give the overall decor of the room a unified style. Getting the authentic rustic results you want for your bedroom call for special attention to detail in a few specific areas.


Plastic has no place in nature, and it doesn't belong in your bedroom decor, either. Use items that are made from natural materials, like copper, wood, and stone. Authentic rustic furniture and decor will look raw and sturdy, as though it was crafted by hand by the homeowner. These strong materials also stand the test of time better than other alternatives, ensuring that you have a bedroom that you love for years to come.


Choose rustic bedding, curtains, and pillows made with the colors of nature. Brown and beige, sage and evergreen, rust red and robin's egg blue create a natural palette that will look like it was designed in nature. Stick with neutrals for the main colors and add accents of the deeper hues for a balanced, unified look.


Incorporate the seasons into your bedroom decor just as you would in nature, with things like heavier bedding with fluffy comforters and decorative throws in winter for added warmth. In summer, use a bordered sheet to replace the throw for added comfort and lightweight decorative appeal. You can also use a lightweight comforter that is appropriate for warmer weather to keep you warm during cooler summer nights. Whatever the season outside, your bedroom can always create your desired atmosphere, while keeping you comfortable.


Stay away from monochromatic linens, and use layers that combine colors and textures to give your bedding a multi-dimensional appearance. Start with a bed skirt in a rich shade, and top with themed sheets and a coordinating comforter. One way to accomplish this is by purchasing a coordinated rustic bedding set that has the colors and patterns already matched for you. Add throw pillows on the bed, along with a throw blanket made from faux fur or velveteen as the final touch, for a rustic bed that is warm and inviting, even during the coldest of weather.

Choose your animal

Animals such as moose and bear, which are typically part of the scenery in nature, can also be part of your rustic bedroom. Choosing the animal that you want to incorporate into your theme will make it easier to select the right rustic house decor to coordinate the entire room. If your bedding includes images of moose, add some of the decorative pieces to your walls. For those who want a bear-themed bedroom, try adding throw pillows that feature bear paws to complete the look.

Personal belongings

The best way to give your decor the authentic look of a rustic cabin is to add real items that have special meaning to you. Old fishing equipment makes a great complementary piece for a fishing-themed bedroom, while an old pair of cowboy boots will look great with any western theme. One small addition to your decor can make your entire room even more personal and connected.

Create a cozy cabin bedroom — even in a city

This doesn’t only apply to those who live out in the woods or mountains — just because you live in the city doesn’t mean that you can't furnish your living space with rustic cabin decorating. What better way to make an escape from the high-tech, fast paced world than to build a retreat in your own home? Nothing feels more warm and inviting than rustic decor, and even if the whole home isn’t cabin-themed, there’s no reason not to design a cozy bedroom to relax in.

All of the points we have (and will) cover in this guide can also be applied to city apartments and bedrooms, you just have to be mindful of clashing styles if other parts of the home don’t match. City living also tends to have less space than rural or suburban homes, so you might need to get creative with layouts and decorating so that it doesn’t feel cramped. If you make sure to keep everything balanced, your rustic bedroom can be your escape from the world where you can relax and decompress.

Bedroom furniture

Filling out your home is no easy task. When you have a lodge and you're given the task of putting everything in place, you'll find that the options can become overwhelming. It's for that reason that you may want to take a step back, and figure out the most important pieces first. In the case of a lodge bedroom, you'll want to focus just on the furniture to begin laying the foundation of the room. There's a great deal of opportunity that you'll have to navigate through when purchasing furniture, so don't rush it and keep these things in mind:

Essential considerations

Before you get into an interior design scheme, it's imperative that you look at the room as it stands. If it’s empty, take into account how big it is and what the main purpose of it will be. Are you furnishing the master bedroom? Is it for guests, or will it feature a great deal of traffic? Assuming that you are going with the basics, you will need to focus on a solid bed frame, dressers, and mirrors. You want them to serve as accents to one another, creating a unified visual flow.

Matching pieces

When in doubt, look for pieces that are uniform in their raw materials and coloring, so they don’t look out of place with each other. For instance, if you're going to stick to the rustic options, look for solid wood offerings that have been stained and uniform in their design. Most manufacturers and sellers will have standardized wood finishes so you can find different items without having to worry about whether their color will match.


If you find yourself overwhelmed by the selection, the colors, options, and more, then it's imperative to take things slow. The most important part of all bedroom furnishings is the bed. With that in mind, consider what type of frame you want to put into place. We recommend a large headboard for master bedroom options, bunk beds for siblings, and smaller frames for young children. Breaking down your options by factors like size can drastically simplify your search process.

Bedroom decor

Once you’ve planned or set up the furniture, the decor is everything else and what will fill out the room. Bedroom decor items have a few elements that make them feel warm and authentic, and the most effective way to bring this into your room is through a few select categories of items. Here are a few of the best rustic cabin decor items to tie the bedroom together:


Handmade quilts can really give a room a rustic and homey feeling. If you're going for a specific theme in the bedroom, perhaps look for a quilt featuring certain animals, pinecones, or wilderness imagery. Another option for bedding is to get a set that features a cohesive theme or color palette. Earth toned bedding or sheets with wildlife or woodland embroidery make a nice complement to your rustic style bedroom.

If you’re struggling to pick a theme, start with the things you love most about cabin life. Do you love fishing? Or is it big game you're after? Perhaps just the serene landscapes? Either way, there are plenty of wildlife bedding options that will let you keep your passion close to you. You know what you love to do most, and now you just have to find the perfect rustic bedding to match it!

Window coverings

An often overlooked aspect of lodge decor are window coverings. Try to choose window treatments that either match your bedding or have complementary colors to it. You can find many different styles of curtains featuring different wildlife like bears, moose, or birds, as well as woodland themes like pine cones or trees.

Details & accents

Once you've made the big selections, you’ll want to accent them with pieces of varying types and sizes. Whether you choose lighting that fits the motif, or you select extra pieces to go alongside the rustic feel, you'll find that sometimes the little things really magnify the larger pieces around them. With lodges, you’ll definitely want to go back to nature and add smaller items here and there that add color or a different type of material to the room.

Upgrade your bedroom today

Whatever kind of outdoor or rustic design you want to decorate your cabin bedroom in, we have tons of options that will be perfect! Check out our huge selection of furniture, decorations, and lighting that can help you start taking that rustic cabin feel throughout your rooms. While you're there, don't forget to also check out our many art pieces and other accessories that can finish off your cabin bedroom decor and tie the whole room together!