Log & Oak Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Bedroom with oak furniture

Wooden furniture tells a story — it starts from the earth and is crafted into timeless commodities that can be passed down through generations. The natural tones of log and oak bedroom furniture add enduring beauty to any living space. Oak, cedar, and pine are not only steadfast but versatile materials with innate decorative properties. Accompanied by the right patterns, creating a forest-themed bedroom, dignified townhouse guest room, or rustic sleeping quarters is simple when using oak furniture.

Common types of oak furniture

Like other types of furniture, oak furniture comes in different shades, design styles, and shapes. You can find modern, contemporary, and rustic oak furniture with finishes ranging from light to dark. Standard pieces of oak furnishings to include in a bedroom are:

Themes for bedrooms with oak furniture

You may already have a theme planned out for your bedroom or are looking for ideas on how to decorate with log furniture. Either way, being mindful of the different hues and textures of wood furniture pieces can help you create a more cohesive design. Oak furniture is adaptable to nearly any pattern or color and has many applications — it can act as elegant decor or provide a rustic and wholesome feel. Some common design themes to incorporate into a bedroom with wooden furniture are animals, forests, and mountain cabins.

Mountain cabin bedroom

To make your bedroom feel like a mountainside retreat, you can incorporate furniture that you might find in a ski chalet or a hunting lodge. Dark Roanoke bed frames with rustic duvets and matching nightstands can elevate the typical mountain cabin bedroom. Some patterns to include in a mountain cabin theme include:

  • Plaid - this pattern comes from Scottish blankets and garments, but is now associated with any woodland theme. Plaid curtains and blankets can make a bedroom look like it belongs to a professional mountain climber.
  • Patchwork - the technique of stitching together multiple designs dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Now, patchwork creates a homey and comfortable ambiance on bedspreads and quilts.
  • Selburose - a Norwegian, knitted rose-like pattern commonly found on winter clothing dating back to 16th century Scandinavia. This geometric design is simple enough to incorporate into a minimalist Scandinavian design theme. 

To accessorize your mountain-themed bedroom, hang some snow shoes, skis, or even a European mount above your bed. Light-colored fur rugs and throw blankets are also a nice touch and can add warmth to your bedroom. 

Forest-themed bedroom

To start creating a forest-like aura in your room, consider using natural log furniture. Starting with barnwood or hickory furniture, simply add foliage and some green-colored decor to your bedroom to make a woodland bed chamber. Decorating with lots of plants, either living or faux, and adding some water elements makes a room feel less domesticated. You can even let potted vines climb up the posts of a log-frame bed for a natural look. Some common elements to include in a forest-themed bedroom are:

  • Pine trees and pine cones - frequently found in deciduous forests around the United States, pine cones are a symbol of regeneration. As pine trees are a common theme in bedroom accessories, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the right colors.
  • Antlers - in some cultures, antlers represent the Tree of Life and are synonymous with strength. Antlers were also considered a good luck charm in 18th-century America. You can easily find antler lighting fixtures and antler chandeliers to incorporate forest-themed lights into your bedroom.
  • Foraged decorations - to supplement your purchased decor, you can forage plenty of beautiful adornments in nature. Place a couple of leafy branches or flowers on wooden shelves or inside vases to make your own DIY decorations.

To take it even one step further, you can find animal-themed wall art or prints for your forest-themed bedroom. You can choose your favorite woodland critter or consider the options listed below. 

Animal-themed bedding & decor

Whether you’re designing a bedroom from the forest or the mountains, animal prints and decor is a harmonious addition to any room with oak furnishings. Furniture made from trees harkens back to humanity's earliest homes, where paintings of animals were the original form of wall art. Types of animal art for a regal and majestic bedroom impression include: 

  • Moose - shed their antlers each year, so most moose chandeliers and decor can be sustainably and humanely sourced.
  • Bears - are one of the smartest and possibly most fluffy of woodland animals. Bear art gives rooms a bit of charm and coziness. 
  • Elk - calves lay motionless for their first two weeks; you don’t have to sleep this long, but the decorations featuring elk can bring restful imagery to your bedroom.

Blending textiles & colorful accents

When decorating a cabin bedroom with oak furniture, use a blend of textures and patterns to compliment the natural wood accents. Use a monochrome duvet for a clean simple look, or a patterned comforter for a layered design. Area rugs can also offer additional opportunities for added patterns and ornamental trimmings. 

Find oak furniture for your bedroom

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